Listen To Xmr Radio With Torsocks

Torsocks is a torifying wrapper that redirects all the traffic of an application through the Tor network. You can stream via Tor by following the steps below.

(1) Update and upgrade system

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y

(2) Install Tor, Torsocks, mpv media player

sudo apt-get install -y tor torsocks mpv

(3) Start Tor and set it up to start automatically at next reboot

sudo systemctl start tor.service

sudo systemctl enable tor.service

(4) Add alias to end of file of .bashrc

nano ~/.bashrc

alias radio='torsocks mpv http://kxmrdbjc4lglq54w5eozi4wqpcg6c7ddf2mbzxj4vhbkukcnyfkmp3qd.onion'

(5) Stream in terminal


Stop stream with keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + C